Assistant Superintendent

  • Palm Aire Country Club, Pompano Beach, Florida, United States
  • English
  • Full-time
  • Turf
  • clu-06237

Purpose of Position:


This is a key position and works directly with the Golf Course Superintendent to help develop a daily work schedule and coordinate the related activities and necessary equipment with the staff.  Training, supervision and reviewing of golf course employees along with supervision of construction projects and specific maintenance activities on the golf course and club grounds, fall under the Assistant Superintendent’s duties.

Directly Manages:         Equipment Head Mechanic, Equipment Technician, Preventative Maintenance Technician, Crew Forman, Landscape Foreman, Irrigation Foreman, Chemical Application Technician, Irrigation Technicians I and II, Chemical Application Apprentice, Gardeners I and II, Operators I, II, and III, where applies.


Job Summary:


  • Help promote player satisfaction through quality maintenance and communications.
  • Orientates staff to obtain a thorough understanding of their job classification, objectives and duties.
  • Works with Superintendent and other key staff to constantly improve the golf course, club grounds, maintenance facility and compound, plus all safety programs.
  • Continues educational development by reading selected materials, attending local turf seminars and playing golf.
  • Help schedule and supervise the daily operations of the maintenance crew.
  • Train, motivate and supervise the staff in a capable manner.
  • Assist the Golf Course Superintendent with recommendations on personnel matters such as wages, reviews, warnings and terminations.
  • Help plan, schedule and monitor all daily operations including insuring adequate staffing schedules for daily needs as well as coordinating vacations.
  • Assist in establishing, training, promoting and enforcing safety practices in accordance with local, state and federal regulations.
  • Oversees the cleanliness of the golf course equipment and maintenance facility, including the entire compound.
  • Oversees the cleanliness of the golf course and club grounds.
  • Assist with the preparation of the operating budget.
  • Stays in constant contact with the Superintendent regarding controlling the budget.
  • Assists the Superintendent with record keeping for supplies, daily logs, application records, weather condition records and personnel records including verifying departmental staff time cards.
  • Is capable of the proper application of pesticides and fertilizers.
  • Helps operate this department within all company, county, state and federal regulations and guidelines.
  • Always communicates in a totally professional manner including to subordinates, management, other staff on property, suppliers, as well as member,  guests and potential members.
  • Maintains a strong understanding in turf grass culture, course conditioning, course construction and reconstruction, and up to date rules of golf, the proper use of fertilizers and pesticides as well as staying up to date on new golf course equipment, including irrigation equipment.
  • Competent to perform all duties or tasks relative to the Irrigation Technician I and II positions.
  • Competent to operate computerized irrigation control system, if applies.
  • Basic knowledge of the mechanical, hydraulic and electrical components involving the ongoing pump station maintenance.
  • Basic understanding of off-shoot pump station add-ons such as added filtration, pH control, chlorine injection and fertigation systems.
  • Know golf course and club grounds irrigation systems in detail.
  • Performs tasks that are necessary to keep maintenance facility and equipment clean, organized and safe on a daily basis.
  • Inspects all equipment and tools that are assigned to specific tasks and reports any deficiencies to the Equipment Head Mechanic.
  • Fills in to perform all functions and routine golf course maintenance activities as directed by the Golf Course Superintendent.
  • Become thoroughly trained in the proper procedures required to perform each task before performing each task.
  • Insure that personal protective equipment is worn as prescribed and required.
  • Operate satellite controllers, including with hand-helds, if applies.
  • Expert at identifying water drought stress areas on turf grass.
  • Gain expert knowledge of golf course watering principles and practices.
  • Perform basic irrigation head repairs, if necessary.
  • Know locations of all heads, valves and quick couplers.
  • Oversee proper trimming of all above.
  • Continue to locate and mandate proper leveling of valve boxed, sprinkler heads and quick couplers.
  • Perform proper irrigation related pipe repairs, when required.
  • Oversee fill in, compact and resetting of sod after repairs.
  • Supervise and instruct Irrigation Foreman, Technicians I and II in proper irrigation methods, when applies.
  • Be capable of assisting in trouble shooting wiring problems.
  • Perform all functions within the departmental operating budget.


  • Promotes a safe working environment in accordance with ClubLink policies.
  • All other duties as assigned.
  • Communicate with a two-way radio system.
  • Ability to perform mathematic calculations especially fractions and calibration techniques.
  • Possess good organizational skills.
  • Must possess logical and scientific thinking to solve problems.
  • Ability to carry out and communicate to others detailed, written or verbal instructions, as well as to retrieve information from technical courses.
  • Ability to visually inspect golf course conditions and report findings.
  • Have a valid driver’s license and be able to operate a motor vehicle.
  • Ability to effectively monitor and develop subordinates.


  • Follows health and safety rules according to ClubLink policy.
  • All other duties as assigned.

Physical Factors:

  • Ability to perform heavy physical labor.  May be required to work in an environment that includes such activities as bending, lifting, stooping, kneeling, climbing, reaching, standing, walking, pushing, pulling and grasping for up to 5 hours without sitting.  May need to lift up to 80 lbs. occasionally and up to 50 lbs. frequently.
  • Majority of the time may be outdoors exposed to such elements as heat, rain, wind, cold.
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